During 2011, sales of running products decreased by 25% due to the great boom in sales of these products on online auction sites.

Through social networks, we motivate people, through discounts and prizes, to buy again in official stores. In this way we recovered 15% of the market in the first quarter and more than 20% in the second.

How did we do it?
Under the “break your record” concept of the adidas marathon campaign, we invite people, through the official adidas running account on Twitter and the adidas running Fanpage, to reach the adidas store in record time, taking as refers to the record of a past marathon.

For example, in the 2009 Buenos Aires Marathon, the best time was 2:10:23. All people who arrived at an Adidas store before 2 hours and 23 minutes got a 20% discount. Plus, whoever arrived first got an adidas running kit.

The message sent was:
The best time of the 2009 adidas Marathon was 2:10:23, arrive early at an Adidas store and get a 20% discount.#rompeturecord

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